2018 Innovation Project

The NEFLIN Board of Directors has awarded the following libraries Innovation Project funding.

Baptist Health Medical Library: Library Web Portal

Award Amount: $9,954.00

Clinicians at Baptist Health have an urgent need for quick, seamless access to information to help them direct safe patient care.  Unfortunately, at present there are a number of barriers to the process.  For example, there is no method to easily search all electronic resources and oftentimes users struggle to obtain immediate assistance when they have difficulty utilizing the online library resources.  This project would help alleviate those issues by creating a new library portal that would streamline information access through the implementation of a discovery tool, interactive options for just-in-time assistance, and additional resources for self-directed help information.

Flagler County Public Library: Mobile Self-Checkout

Award Amount: $8,000.00

The Flagler County Public Library is requesting $8,000 towards a new self-checkout service using an app on your smartphone called meeScan.  This service will enable the customer to check out material quickly with no wait time and will save the library system valuable staff time and resources.  It is a mobile based self-checkout system that does not require a large investment in hardware and software.  This is an innovative service that was recently showcased in the July 19, 2017 issue of American Libraries Magazine.

Putnam County Public Library: Every Story Matters

Award Amount: $10,000.00

The Putnam County Library System seeks to gather, preserve, and promote the rich history and culture of Putnam County through a series of storytelling projects including local author and oral history events. We want to give our patrons the tools they need to make and promote their own work – to be creators, not just consumers of information. We will focus on encouraging local authorship (including self-publishing workshops), recording/archiving oral histories, and holding creative writing competitions. Every story matters. The library system will become a hub for storytellers and the center for collaboration and creation in Putnam County.

St. Johns River State College: Virtual Entertainment Technology Center

Award Amount: $8,383.86

This project would facilitate the creation of a mobile technology and gaming center based at the St Augustine Campus Library to service the 300+ student veterans enrolled at St. Johns River State College. The Virtual Entertainment Technology (VET) Center would provide virtual reality technology for our student veterans at all three of our campuses. The purpose for this outreach program will be to provide a social outlet for reintegration of our student veterans into the civilian population. The VET Center will attract not only our student veterans but also other populations in the student body who may feel isolated and be looking for a way to engage.

Seminole State College: One Button Studio

Award Amount: $9,964.04

The purpose of this project is to convert an existing library study room into a “One Button Studio” – an easy-to-use audiovisual studio that allows students to record themselves practicing speeches and presentations.  Presently, there is no space dedicated to this purpose on any of the Seminole State College campuses.  This project would therefore address a critical need for students to practice and self-critique their performances as they take the college’s required oral communication course, as well as other courses that require speeches or presentations.