2022 Hot Topics Conference

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The 2022 NEFLIN Hot Topics Conference is almost here! This year’s theme is Fun & Games. We want to showcase the ways libraries have integrated games and gamification into programs and services.

Libraries have turned to some innovative concepts to attract new audiences and inform existing users on how to best utilize library resources. We’re not just talking things you’ve done to offset the challenges of a pandemic environment – a lot of folks were bringing these ideas into libraries prior to that operational shift. These programs and services enrich library experiences and provide users a new way of looking at libraries.


This conference will showcase library efforts like:

  • Using Escape Rooms to promote services.
  • Holding Scavenger Hunts to orient new users.
  • Turning Game Nights from family activities into library events.
  • The various ways video games can be integrated into programs.
  • The role virtual reality can play in libraries.
The goal is for all attendees to learn how different libraries have successfully implemented these concepts and impacted their user base. NEFLIN is currently accepting proposals for breakout presentations. We are looking for presentations that would last about 45 minutes (including time for audience Q&A) but also would accept shorter ones that could be combined into a panel discussion format. Use the button below to send in a proposal for a presentation.