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MusicBeamz Interactive Music System
Transforms your classrooms, pull-out rooms, community programs and school therapy settings into model 21st Century learning environments where skill building takes place through music. Beamz is universally designed so it is accessible to students of all learning and physical abilities—it’s switch and adaptive keyboard accessible too! Beamz’ versatility in its application context is unmatched; you can work on cause and effect, directionality, sequencing, fine and gross motor skills, common core subjects, rewards or incentives, recreation and more!
bloxelsGamingBloxels 10-Pack
Bloxels helps you create video games without writing a single line of code.
Each Bloxels box includes a game grid and 250 colorful blocks. When you combine these tools, your imagination, and the free app on the smart device you already own, you unlock a powerful game creation tool. Request the Bloxels Classroom 10-Pack from NEFLIN today!
TechnologyCricut Maker
The ultimate cutting machine! Create using fabric, leather, paper and balsa wood. Make sewing patterns in just a few clicks. The Maker expands your creative arsenal with hundreds of available digital patterns.
3d-printer3D Printing da Vinci Jr.1.0w
This da Vinci Jr.1.0w is the #1 3D Printer for homes and Schools!
With its fully enclosed design and non-heated print bed, the da Vinci Jr.w is perfect for kids of all ages as well as first time 3D printer users. The 2nd Generation Auto-calibration system ensures that the print bed and extruder are always at the appropriate level for perfect prints, while the WiFi connectivity allows for print jobs can be sent from anywhere in your home and in the classroom.
Please note: The carrying case for this item is large, take note of dimensions: Container, as per label outside, is 38 7/8" x 23 1/8" x 24 1/4".
EquipmentNEFLIN Canopy

(18′ x 30′). Seats 75 people in the shade.
osmo geniusGamingOsmo Genius Kit
Osmo is an award-winning game system that will change the way you interact with the iPad by opening it up to hands-on play. You just need an iPad with a camera. Osmo is compatible with: iPad 2, iPad (3rd Generation), iPad (4th Generation), iPad Mini, iPad Mini 2, iPad Mini 3, iPad Mini 4, iPad Air, iPad Air 2 and the 9.7-inch iPad Pro.

Osmo fosters learning in key areas such as: creative problem solving, art, STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) and common core. Osmo apps are designed for ages 5–12, but people of all ages enjoy it!

This kit includes: 10 Osmo Systems; 10 each of the following games: Masterpiece, Newton, Words, Tangram, Numbers; 10 sets of Numbers Tiles, 10 sets of Word Tiles, and 10 sets of Tangram Pieces.

Want a ready-made curriculum? Visit Osmo Curriculums! From there you can download a Teacher’s Guide and choose from over 60 lesson plans, hand-crafted for Osmo.
Osmo CodingGaming Osmo Coding Kit

Coding teaches logic skills and problem solving, and it helps kids succeed in an increasingly digital world. Osmo Coding uses hands-on physical blocks to control Awbie, a playful character who loves delicious strawberries. Each block is a coding command that directs Awbie on a wondrous tree-shaking, strawberry-munching adventure.

This kit includes: 10 Osmo Systems, 10 Coding Games, and 10 sets of Coding Blocks.
Osmo CreativeGaming Osmo Creative Kit

The Osmo Creative Set combines creative tools, games and cutting edge technology to foster creativity and problem solving skills. Monster - Bring your drawings to life! We’re all creative. With Osmo Monster, your drawings become part of magical animated activities. Masterpiece - Practice drawing on the Creative Board, and switch to paper when ready to create a masterpiece. Unlock a special image gallery with the Creative Set. Newton - Creative problem solving! Solve physics puzzles by drawing lines on the Creative Board or placing items in front of the screen. Never waste paper and unlock 18 bonus levels with the Creative Set!

This kit includes: 10 Osmo Systems, 10 Games (Monster, Masterpiece, and Newton), 10 Creative Boards, 10 Fuzzy Pouches, and 10 sets of Dry Erase Markers.
ozobotsTechnologyOzobot Classroom Kit
Everything you need to bring Ozobot into your library or classroom in one box. Simple, affordable and desk-friendly, this kit is designed for any grade K-12. Supporting apps, flexible programming environment and lesson plans make it easy to integrate Ozobot into any curriculum – STEM and beyond.
quizboxGaming QuizBox
The QuizBox System is a lockout buzzer system that indicates who responds first. Can be used for a variety of Battle-of-the-Books or Jeopardy-type games. NEFLIN’s set includes: 1 Pocket Quizzer, 8 Individual Quizboxes, and 1 Remote Display Switch.
GamingRigamajig Junior Kit
This construction and engineering learning set includes 160 wooden and plastic parts that can be used to create any number of structures and devices. The kit comes complete in a duffle bag for easy transportation and storage. Project ideas are available on the Rigamajig website.
CraftingBrother XR3774 Full-Featured Sewing and Quilting Machine
With a wide array of user-friendly features and lightweight design, the Brother XR3774 is perfect for beginners learning to sew, and for more advanced sewers looking for versatility. Built into this expansive machine are 37 built-in stitches, including a blind hem, decorative and quilting stitches. It also features an automatic one-step buttonholer for virtually perfect buttonholes and a wide table for large-scale projects such as quilts.
GamingR2-D2 & BB-8 Sphero Droids
These two droids fit into various STEM programs, especially those revolving around robotics or coding. Both droids check out together and also include an iPad and Force Band controller.
EquipmentDigital Recorder Kit
Create professional quality audio recordings for podcasts, oral history projects, or any other efforts that must convey the power of the human voice. This kit includes a digital recorder and all needed accessories.

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