10:00 – 10:05:  Welcome – Harold George, NEFLIN Board President
10:05 – 10:45:  Annual Report – Brad Ward, Raymond Neal, and Jenny Eason
10:45 – 11:00:  Break
11:00 – 11:15:  Library Videos
11:15 – 12:00:  Keynote – Understanding Patrons Experiencing Homelessness with Ryan Dowd
12:00 – 1:00:   Lunch Break
1:00  – 1:10:   NEFLIN Awards
1:10  – 1:45:   Concurrent Session 1 (Descriptions and available recordings below)
1:45  – 2:00:   Break
2:00  – 2:30:   Concurrent Session 2 (Descriptions and available recordings below)
2:30:  Closing Remarks and Drawing

Concurrent Session #1:  1:15 – 1:45 pm

Room One

Multimedia Equipment Loan Program
with Jennifer Murray and Adam Chalmers, University of North Florida

Project Proposal:  The Multimedia Equipment Loan Program at the UNF Thomas G. Carpenter Library will improve student success by providing access to high-quality audio and video recording equipment. The library will maintain and circulate the multimedia equipment; train students and faculty in the operation of the equipment, and publish student and faculty projects that support scholarship at the university. This project supports the purchase of a variety of equipment that will provide access to an engaging, interactive and creative learning experience and maximize the success of students.

Library 3D Anatomy & Fabrication Center
with Edward Murphy, Palmer College

Project Proposal:  Palmer College’s students spend a considerable amount of time studying anatomy.  A large portion of our library’s budget is spent on anatomical models which receive heavy and sustained use by our students.  Obtaining production quality 3D printers – capable of replicating anatomical models, including the largest bones in the human body would be an innovative experiment that will help us meet the educational needs of students by:

1 – Creating new anatomical models.
2 – Printing flexible connective parts that may repair existing models.
3 – Involving students in the process that will enhance their knowledge of anatomy.

Room Two

Multimedia Centers

with Ann Collins, Volusia County Public Library

Project Proposal:  Using three Apple MacBook Pro laptops with Adobe Creative Cloud software and three Wacom Tablets, we will provide access to creative multimedia centers in Volusia County Public Libraries.  We can combine the laptops for teaching purposes.  In addition, patrons can reserve them for individual use within the library. Adult and young adult groups will value the ability to access advanced graphic design software on specialty computers.  From seniors creating a photo book, to teens adding effects to their movie, to community college students enhancing their graphic design portfolio, these multimedia centers will become creative hubs within Volusia County Public Libraries.

Jacksonville Public Library: JPL StoryWalk® Project
with Zoe Carr, Jacksonville Public Library

Project Proposal:  Jacksonville Public Library will create and install a StoryWalk® in a public park. A StoryWalk® is a creative way for children and families to enjoy the outdoors while reading at the same time. Pages of a children’s book are mounted on signs and placed along a path in a park and include engaging activities related to the book. Families can walk the path and read the story page-by-page, completing activities along the way. After a family completes a StoryWalk®, they can submit a response card electronically or manually to the Library for a free book.

Room Three

Using Empathy to Get Homeless (and Non-Homeless!) Patrons to Follow the rules

with Ryan Dowd

Learn the science behind how to get patrons to voluntarily comply with the rules, as well as practical tips you can use tomorrow.  This session takes the keynote presentation deeper.

Concurrent Session #2:  2:00 – 2:30 pm

Room One

Smart Spots

with Jason Black, Clay County Public Library

Project Proposal:  Smart Spots Hot Spot wifi devices provide internet access anytime, anywhere for students in Clay County. We will be focusing on areas that would normally lack the access to basic internet services due to location or income limits. Limited or no-access to internet puts those students at a disadvantage to other students by limiting their ability to finish homework assignments, school projects, and studying outside of our normal operating hours.

Steam Maker Lab for Ridgeview High School
with Julie Miller from Clay County District Schools

Project Proposal:  Our goal is to provide opportunities for all of our students to develop their creativity and utilize technology that would otherwise not be accessible to them. We will transform our library’s study room into a STEAM Maker Lab, complete with virtual reality, video, music, and photo editing capability, digital art technology, and fabrication equipment. This innovation hub will be an interdisciplinary resource used by many teachers and classes as well as students seeking to broaden their skills and resourcefulness. After surveying our patrons regarding desired activities and tools, we believe this project will fill a great need on our campus.


Room Two

Homeschool Partnership

with Dale Collum, Three Rivers Regional Library

Project Proposal:  We would like to start actively providing services to the Home Schooling population that we have not made an effort to help before.  We envision working with a certified educator and local homeschoolers to provide resources including books and information guides, curriculum kits and programs.

Sensory Storytimes for All
with Kate Duong, Columbia County Public Library

Project Proposal:  The Youth Services Department at the Columbia County Public Library is seeking funding in order to obtain sensory play materials, special furnishings, and other supplies necessary to conduct sensory storytimes. These sensory storytimes will be specifically adapted for children who are on the autism spectrum, who have sensory-processing disorders, or who have similar conditions, as well as their families.

Room Three

OER Textbook Course Reserves and Collection
with Susan Mythen and Sharon Uskovkovich, Florida State College of Jacksonville

Project Proposal:  College students are negatively impacted by rapidly escalating costs of course textbooks. Fortunately, academic libraries can collaboratively assist in reducing textbook costs by partnering with faculty to review, adopt, and adapt low/no-cost textbooks (OER). This project will allow the FSCJ Libraries to collaboratively create and provide customized OER textbooks that embed library information, links, and resources into each OER text. These texts will be available to faculty and students for in-library use and review. If developed texts ultimately meet the faculty’s quality and content standards, the texts may be adopted, potentially saving students thousands of dollars in educational costs.

Mobile Computer Lab:  Bringing Library Instruction Within Reach
with Teresa Faust, College of Central Florida

Project Proposal:  A mobile computer lab will allow the College of Central Florida Library to bring instruction and research support to classrooms and meeting spaces on campus not equipped with computers, increasing the Library’s ability to reach more students and support campus partnerships. The lab will circulate with faculty providing an alternative to the use of the Library’s instruction lab which is in high demand with faculty teaching courses requiring a research component. A lab will also benefit campus partners involved in the college’s Quality Enhancement Plan efforts as they move around campus educating students on academic pathways and campus resources.

Room Four

Building a Brand for Libraries Nationwide:  ALA’s Libraries Transform Campaign for Awareness and Advocacy

with Stephanie Hlywak, ALA

Since 2015, Libraries Transform has endeavored to create a national “brand” for the modern library in all its permutations. In the years since, the campaign has mobilized library lovers across the world with easy-to-use graphics and messaging for marketing, advocacy, fundraising and more.

This presentation will share statistics and information about the campaign, including its original goals (Increase AWARENESS of and support for the transforming library; shift the PERCEPTION of libraries from “obsolete” or “nice to have” to essential; ENGAGE and energize library professionals and build external advocates to influence local, state and national decision-makers), key messages (Libraries transform lives; libraries transform communities; librarians are passionate advocates for lifelong learning; libraries are a smart investment) and results (more than 15,000 libraries and supporters have joined Libraries Transform from all 50 U.S. states as well as international libraries in more than 100 countries). Additionally, the presenter will share the formula for creating the central building block of the campaign: the “Because…” statement. She will also have plenty of examples of how libraries across the US have used Libraries Transform in creative and effective ways to increase awareness and funding.