We are looking forward to our Marketing & Outreach Interest Group Spring Meeting on May 10th!  This will be our first “hybrid” Interest Group meeting – we’ll have participants joining us at both the NEFLIN office and online.  We are looking forward to a great discussion!

Marketing and Outreach Interest Group 05/10/18
May 10, 2018 / 9:30 AM / NEFLIN Headquarters

Welcome and Introductions
Please come prepared to talk about yourself, your interest in Marketing and/or Outreach, and any marketing projects with which you are currently involved.

What are your social media best practices?

  • What social media does your location use?
  • What audiences do you target with each platform?
  • Do you use an aggregate services like Hoot Suite?
  • Which libraries do you follow on social media for inspiration? What non libraries do you follow for inspiration?
  • Can you talk about your social media strategy?
  • How might public/academic/special libraries better use social media to promote libraries?
  • What do you struggle with?

Library Social Media Resources

  • http://www.5minlib.com/
  • http://oedb.org/ilibrarian/10-social-media-marketing-tips-for-libraries/
  • https://www.ebsco.com/blog/article/ten-tips-to-master-social-media-at-your-library

Upcoming Meetings

  • Our next meeting will be in August or September, would anyone like to host?
  • What would you like to focus on at upcoming meetings?
  • Would anyone like to recommend a speaker for our group?
  • Our group has a shared trello space for continuing to share ideas between meetings. Feel free to join and contribute.

Other Business

  • Is there anything else that you would like to share or discuss today?
  • Neflin Lending Library Includes the following Marketing Items?
    • Putting the User First
    • Accidental Library Marketer
    • Bite Sized Marketing
    • Letting Go of the Words
    • Libraries Create Success (DVD)
    • Marketing Your Library (DVD)
    • Merchandising Strategies (DVD)
    • Rocket Surgery Made Easy
    • Running a Successful Card Campaign
    • Start a Revolution: Stop Acting Library a Library
    • Tools of Engagement: Attracting and Engaging Users (DVD)
    • Transforming Our Image, Building Our Brand
    • Tactical Urbanism for Librarians