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Jennifer says Goodbye

Some of you may have already heard, but I am leaving NEFLIN. I will be heading back to NY to be with my family.

I have accepted a position at Queens Public Library in NY, where I will serve as Director of Community Library Services. It’s a huge system! Last year they circulated over 13 million items and served over 11 million people in person. So please keep me in your prayers!

I am sorry to be leaving you. The past three years have been a lot of fun. You have taught me so much, about your libraries and our field. You also taught me a great deal about myself. I have learned lots of new things, faced fears, made mistakes and laughed a great deal since coming to NEFLIN.

I’ve enjoyed working with Brad, who encouraged me to grow and try new things. Heather who is a great partner on any project. And Jeannie who has tried her best to keep me straight.

But as Member Services Coordinator, I have to say YOU are what makes NEFLIN special. We always say we have the best members and it’s true. You are thoughtful and caring. We frequently receive emails and handwritten notes telling us how much you appreciate us or thanking us for a specific class or project. You come to our events early and leave late to help us.

Our board members work hard, continuing to help us prepare for the future. And when we ask for Continuing Education members and Interest Group Leaders you always step up. Thank you! Thank you!

Please keep in touch! I’m on LinkedIn and Facebook and I would love to stay connected with all of you.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you. It has been a pleasure.