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Some 2022 videos are hosted on a different website. They are password-protected and the password is neflin (all lowercase, no special characters or numbers).

How to Effectively Influence and Persuade OthersMichael ClarkLibrary Essentials
Library Management
Promoting Our Libraries in Our CommunitiesLinda BrunoLibrary Essentials10/24/23
How to Resolve Conflict at WorkLaura SolomonTechnology
Library Services
How to Resolve Conflict at WorkMichael ClarkLibrary Essentials
Library Management
Advanced Canva: Getting the Most Out of CanvaDiana SilveiraTechnology
Library Services
Establishing Healthy Boundaries at WorkLinda BrunoLibrary Essentials09/21/23
Creating Eye-Catching Flyers with CanvaDiana SilveiraTechnology
Library Services
Communication is Critical for SupervisorsLinda BrunoLibrary Essentials08/17/23
Rethink and Rejuvenate Your MeetingsDr. Curtis RogersLibrary Management08/09/23
Leave Your Stress@Work!Linda BrunoLibrary Essentials07/26/23
Engage Your Audience: Interactive Tools for Presenting and TeachingNed PotterLibrary Services
Situational Leadership: One Size Does Not Fit All!Michael ClarkLibrary Management06/29/23
AI, ChatGPT and the End of CatalogingRobin FayTechnology06/06/23
Discord Servers? In My Library?Jessie Bond & Emily FogleLibrary Services05/30/23
ChatGPT for Librarians - What You Need to KnowNicole HennigTechnology05/25/23
How to Handle That Dreaded Discipline ProblemLinda BrunoLibrary Management05/09/23
Makerspaces & the Future of WorkAmanda SweetTechnology05/03/23
How to Train Staff EffectivelyLinda BrunoLibrary Management04/25/23
Libraries 4.0: Harnessing the Power of AI to Create the Future of LibrariesDawn Raquel JensenTechnology04/12/23
Customer Service from the Inside OutLinda BrunoLibrary Essentials03/29/23
Web3: Not Your Grandmother’s World Wide WebLaura SolomonTechnology03/22/23
Better Social Media for LibrariesNed PotterLibrary Services03/16/23
Analyzing Collections: A Data-Driven Approach Robin FayLibrary Collections03/08/23
Free Tools for Working with Graphics and the WebLaura SolomonTechnology02/23/23
End of MARC: Planning for Transition to BIBFRAMERobin FayLibrary Collections02/14/23
Respond vs. React: How to Keep Your Cool in Almost Any SituationDr. Mary Beth JankeLibrary Essentials01/26/23
Understanding Yourself as a SupervisorLinda BrunoLibrary Management01/25/23
BIB WHAT? What Library Staff Should Know about BIBFRAMERobin FayLibrary Collections01/17/23
The Metaverse: What Is It and Should Libraries Care?Laura SolomonTechnology01/11/23
Mastering Uncomfortable Conversations with Library VisitorsPat WagnerLibrary Services12/13/22
Getting Digitally OrganizedDiana SilveiraTechnology12/07/22
Equity and Inclusion: Outreach Opportunities in Your LibraryMary DumbletonLibrary Services12/01/22
Returning Balance to Your LifeLinda BrunoLibrary Essentials11/30/22
Free Online Tools to Increase Your Workflow & ProductivityLaura SolomonTechnology11/16/22