Management Training Institute

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The purpose of the MTI is to provide new skills and tools that address gaps in the preparation of librarians for management roles.

The MTI was held at the NEFLIN Office in Orange Park. 

Institute Facilitator, Michael Clark, led all eight sessions.  20 participants graduated in 2015-16 and 20 more in 2016-17.

January 10.  Session One – “Basic Employee Management”

February 21.  Session Two – “Emotional Intelligence”   

March 7.  Session Three – “How to Manage Change Effectively at Work”

April 4.  Session Four – “Creating a Culture of Employee Engagement”

May 16.  Session Five – “Dealing Effectively With Employee Performance Issues”

June 13.  Session Six – “How to Effectively Coach/Mentor/Train Your Employees”                  

July 11.  Session Seven – “How to Build a Team Environment”

August 8.  Session Eight – “How to Transition Into a Lean Environment”