Membership Levels

Level 1 – $500 per year (use if staff FTE is 1-4)
Level 2 – $1,000 per year (use if staff FTE is 5-24)
Level 3 – $1,500 per year (use if staff FTE is 25 or more)

Benefits of Membership

Membership Criteria

  • The library is an established institution with its own budget and collection.
  • The library employs at least one full or part-time paid staff member.
  • The library agrees to use, or move towards using, the MARC format as the accepted standard for their catalog.
  • The library will loan materials from their collection to other members and to participants in the Florida Library Information Network (FLIN) free of charge.
  • The library will freely share its resources and expertise according to policies and guidelines developed by NEFLIN members.

Membership Application Process

1. Make sure that your library is physically located in one of the counties served by NEFLIN.

2. Contact NEFLIN and request a Membership Application packet.

3. Complete, sign and return the Membership Application to NEFLIN. (Do not send a purchase order or check with your application.)

4. The NEFLIN Executive Director will contact you to discuss your application and schedule a site visit. A NEFLIN staff member and a representative from the NEFLIN Board of Directors will visit your library and discuss NEFLIN’s services and how to get the most out your membership.

5. The NEFLIN Board of Directors will consider your membership application at the next regularly scheduled Board meeting following the site visit. The Board of Directors meets five times per year.

6. If your application is approved by the Board of Directors, you will be contacted by the Executive Director and invoiced for membership dues.

7. A NEFLIN staff member will contact you and make arrangements for your library to begin using NEFLIN services.