Resource Sharing

Interlibrary Loan

Resources can take many forms: books, magazine articles, videos, etc. All member libraries of the cooperative agree to borrow and lend materials from/to each other at no charge. The cooperative has established protocols that member libraries must adhere to, which are documented in the Interlibrary Loan Code for NEFLIN Libraries. NEFLIN also maintains a list of NEFLIN libraries with holdings on OCLC.

If a library participates in FLIN, it must follow the policies and procedures in the FLIN Manual and information about their policies must appear in the ILL Policies Directory on OCLC.

NEFLIN also assists member libraries with the process of loading their library’s bibliographic records into the OCLC database. NEFLIN member libraries have contributed over 6 million records to OCLC.

Retrospective Conversion

In order for a library to effectively share resources they must first convert their catalog records to MARC format. The NEFLIN Board of Directors will accept proposals to subsidize this process.

Courier Delivery – DLLI

The Florida Library Network Statewide Courier Delivery Program provides pickup and delivery of Interlibrary Loan materials among over 200 participating libraries throughout Florida. Courier delivery is designed to facilitate and improve interlibrary loan service between libraries in Florida and benefit all library users. The courier service is managed by TBLC who provides a current address list, label information, procedures manual and statistics reporting form.


NEFLIN provides a free email account for any staff who are employed by one our member libraries.  Login and policy information.