Are you planning a survey of your library users, staff or decision makers? As a NEFLIN member, you have access to an unlimited number of customized surveys and responses through ZipSurvey. Email to request your survey and NEFLIN will do the rest of the work for you.

What is ZipSurvey?
ZipSurvey is a 100% customizable, web-based survey program designed to collect feedback from patrons, students or staff. You provide the questions and NEFLIN will create the survey for you and send you the tabulated results of the completed surveys. ZipSurvey offers a wide variety of question types so that your survey can be designed to fit your needs.  In addition, the service uses skip logic, allowing respondents to skip questions that are irrelevant given their answers to previous questions.  For example, if someone responds that they only use the library once a year, you can have them answer different questions than the person who uses the library once a week, or a student could answer different questions than a teacher.

NEFLIN members receive unlimited surveys and survey responses for free. To request a survey, contact NEFLIN at

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