The deadline for nominations is Friday, April 28, 2023. 

The award winners will be announced at the 2023 NEFLIN Annual Meeting.


Member of the Year Award

The NEFLIN Member of the Year Award recognizes a current employee of a NEFLIN library who has made a significant positive impact on his/her library and the community it serves.  Nomination Form.

Distinguished Career Award
The Distinguished Career Award is for an individual who has displayed exemplary achievement and leadership throughout his/her career in the library field.  Nomination Form.

Library Innovation Award
The NEFLIN Innovation Award recognizes an innovative program or service that has demonstrated impact on the community a NEFLIN library serves.  Nomination Form.

Library Champion Award
This award is for any individual who has demonstrated exceptional support for a NEFLIN library. (Current employees of NEFLIN libraries are not eligible.)  Nomination Form.